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Touring Zaandam With an Escort

In Amsterdam, you can indulge your appetite for just about anything in the town where prostitution and marijuana are both legal. After satisfying your sexual desires with an escort from Amsterdam Escorts, it might be time to take things outside and explore other parts of the Netherlands. A city that's quite close to Amsterdam, but offers many different types of beauty, is Zaandam. The town, which is just two train stops from the Amsterdam Central Station, can be explored with a gorgeous escort at your side for a tour you can't find anywhere else. After seeing Zaandam with a beautiful woman from Amsterdam Escorts, you'll never take another boring, guided tour.

Zaandam Highlights

Zaandam is located on the River Zaan and is near the North Sea Canal. The city is easily accessible by both car and train from Amsterdam. There are at least four trains every hour that leave Amsterdam for Zaandam. Your escort from Amsterdam Escorts will be able to help you navigate the Netherlands public transportation system and make sure you arrive in Zaandam.

Once you have reached Zaandam, you and your beautiful lady can explore the Dutch countryside filled with windmills. Zaandam used to be a large milling center and thousands of windmills powered saws that would cut native wood for shipbuilding and paper making. Many of the windmills still exist today, but they no longer are used for power. The River Zaan is also a large draw for tourists with lots of walking trails as well as bike trails. Your escort can help you rent bicycles if you want to see the area on wheels. She can also help find a secluded area for a little bit of outdoor recreation. There are also a variety of boating activities available in Zaandam and your escort will happily put on a little bathing suit and take part.

Zaandam also offers history buffs several notable locations. You can visit the Czar Peter House, a home that has been turned into a museum. In the late 1600s, the Emperor Peter of Russia spent time in Zaandam to study shipbuilding. The home he stayed in has been turned into a museum that chronicles Czar Peter's time in Zaandam as well as the town's ship building heritage. The house is actually one of the oldest wooden homes in the Netherlands. It was built in 1632. You can also visit Blue House, which is a home that was painted by Claude Monet in his piece "The Blue House of Zaandam." Monet was in Zaandam in the 1870s and used the area for other paintings including "A Windmill at Zaandam."

Because prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, we only hire the best women to work as escorts at Amsterdam Escorts. Our escorts are not only beautiful, but they are also intelligent. When you take your Amsterdam Escorts beauty to Zaandam to act as your tour guide, she will show you the highlights of the city and also explain different aspects of Netherlands history. Chances are, she'll not only know about the area's history, but she'll also be up on popular culture.

Why Tour With an Escort

You might wonder what the advantages are to touring Zaandam with an escort. There are many reasons that you would take an Amsterdam Escorts beauty with you to Zaandam, but one of the most important is fun. Our ladies are all beautiful, intelligent, confident women. They are the kind of women you'd like to go out on a date with. And, in fact, that's just what you'll be doing while exploring Zaandam. You'll be on a fun, exciting first date learning about a new town and exploring new things. But, there won't be any concerns about saying the right thing or wondering is this date is going to end in the bedroom. With your escort, you know she wants sex at the end of the date, or in the middle of it. Just think of how much more you'll be able to enjoy Zaandam without concerns about getting laid at the end of the date.

Our escorts are also able to show you things that might not be on regular tours, like hot bars and clubs. In addition, you never know when your escort tour guide might give you a little peep show or take you somewhere more private for some groping. Those are things you won't get a regular tour!

If you are staying in Zaandam for the majority of your trip, an escort from Amsterdam Escorts can meet you at your hotel in the area. In most cases, the lovely lady can actually be at your door less than an hour after you make the initial call. She can come to show you around town, she can come to fulfill your sexual fantasies or both. The only limit to your escort experience in Zaandam is your own creativity.

Choose the Best

There are lots of different escort services in Amsterdam and Zaandam, but if you are looking for the best, look no further than Amsterdam Escorts. We hire only the best women and anyone who works for us does it because they enjoy meeting new people and they love sex. None of our escorts are ever just “going through the motions”. They want you to have fun and they want to as well. We also give you the option of browsing our website to pick your escort. We have updated, erotic photos of each woman for you to peruse and enjoy. You can start looking right away or wait until you are in Amsterdam or Zaandam to begin your search. Either way, we guarantee that the woman that arrives at your location will look as good, or better, in person than she did in the photo.

Call Amsterdam Escorts today to set up your Zaandam touring experience with one of our gorgeous ladies. If you're worried you can't afford an escort experience, let one of our booking agents put your fears to rest. We offer all inclusive hourly rates as well as multiple hour discounts. Once your escort arrives, you'll be glad you made the call. She'll show you the sites of Zaandam and then take a tour of your sexual fantasies.

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