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Exploring the Sex Trade in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is often called the sexiest city in the world. Las Vegas might claim to be sin city, but it has nothing on Amsterdam when it comes to sex. Escort services are legal in the Netherlands and the business is alive and well in Amsterdam. The city boasts a sex museum, miles of sex shops and even streets full of escorts and peep shows. If you truly want to experience the sex trade in Amsterdam though, the best way is to use a high-class escort service like Amsterdam Escorts.

The Amsterdam Escorts Difference

At Amsterdam Escorts, we have only the most beautiful, intelligent women working for us. Since escort services are legal, lots of women choose to work in the field either to supplement their income or just for fun. At Amsterdam Escorts, we choose only the best and the most beautiful. You can rest assured that our women are not only gorgeous, but also very skilled in the sexual arena. The sex you have with an escort from our company will truly be some of the best of your life.

Our escorts love sex and are very good at it. They believe in varying techniques and trying new positions based on your desires. Sex is never basic, boring or quick with our escorts. The ladies at Amsterdam Escorts are big believers in lots of foreplay and long, drawn out sex sessions. If you need a quick release, our ladies can give that to you, but be ready for a second, longer, more passionate, sensual round of sex.

Another difference at Amsterdam Escorts is our ladies are all on an oncall basis. Think of it as a sexier version of room service. You call us, place your order and your escort will arrive ready for sex at your hotel. There are no dirty brothels to go to, no beds that have been used by other couples and no dirty sheets. You control the environment and don't pay anything extra for the service. If you want quick, basic sex in a dirty room, you can find that in Amsterdam too, but we can guarantee it won't be nearly as wonderful as the sex in your own hotel room with an escort from Amsterdam Escorts.

Our Escorts

The escorts at Amsterdam Escorts are excited about sex. The whole reason they have chosen this line of work is because they enjoy sex and are good at it. Each woman also brings a special skill to the bedroom. From domination to massage, you can expect more than just ordinary sex when you choose an escort from our service. Your sexual experience with an escort is also the time to live out any of your sexual fantasies. If you are into role playing or have a foot fetish, let our booking agent know and this can be incorporated into the sex with your escort.

For many people, the ultimate sexual fantasy is a threesome. If you have always wanted to have sex with two women at once, Amsterdam Escorts can help make that dream a reality. We have many escorts who will work together to pleasure you. If you have never had two sensual, sexy women naked with you at the same time, this is sexual experience you won't want to miss. We can also help out with couples in committed relationships that are looking to bring a third person into their sex life. Many of our escorts are excited about joining you in the bedroom to create a long-lasting sexual memory. Some of our escorts are also willing to help you and your partner spice up your sex life, giving you new positions, games and other activities to incorporate into your regular sex life. Amsterdam Escorts can help with every aspect of your sex life.

Our escorts also practice safe sex as part of their service and will bring their preferred brand of protection with them. You can help ensure the scene is set for great sex by making sure any needed items are clean and ready, including the bed and pillows. You can also make sure the lighting is how you want it, the temperature in the room is comfortable and there are no impediments to the evening’s activities. Once your escort arrives at your room, she will likely call the agency to check-in. After that, you should pay her the agreed upon amount and then the fun can really begin! Just be prepared for the best sex you've ever had.

Fun Besides Sex

In the Netherlands, not only are the attitudes and laws relaxed about sex, marijuana is also legal. You can purchase and smoke pot at most local coffee shops. Our escorts can recommend some great places to experience this part of Amsterdam, but if you are nervous about your first sexual experience with an escort, you might want to take part in some pot beforehand. The marijuana will relax you and put you in the perfect mood for a night of wild and crazy sex.

Red Light District

No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a stop in the most famous Red Light District, De Wallen. The area covers several blocks in the heart of downtown Amsterdam and crosses multiple canals. De Wallen features sex shops, a sex museum, peep shows, sex theaters, a cannabis museum and many coffee shops that sell marijuana. You can also find low-cost escorts who sell basic sex in rooms right off the street. Unlike the escorts at Amsterdam Escorts, this is only for one position of sex and after you have climaxed, you are kicked out of the room. Often the sheets on the twin beds are not even changed between customers. If you are looking for mind blowing, once-in-a-lifetime sex on your own turf, call Amsterdam Escorts.

Make the Call

Amsterdam is the sex capital of the world and to fully experience it, book some time with an escort from Amsterdam Escorts. We promise our beautiful ladies will give you sex that will not soon be forgotten. All you have to do is call.

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