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Getting "High" means Different Things to Different People in Amsterdam

For some people, asking them what it means to get high will result in a discussion of marijuana use. For others, it may be the "high" you experience from having great sex. Still, others may insist that getting high includes both sex and marijuana. The good news is that you can enjoy either one legally in Amsterdam, one of the few cities in the world where both are legal. Some time ago, the Dutch government realized that exercising control over the sex trade, in addition to the casual use of marijuana, would benefit all interested parties. The government benefits from the taxes paid and the extra tourist dollars the industries generate. At the same time, customers of escort services are protected from disease because the law demands that the girls receive regular health checkups and keep their licenses current. People soliciting sex or using marijuana do not have to worry about being arrested or prosecuted for doing what they enjoy. Getting high is easy and affordable in Amsterdam. So is arranging for great sex when you use Amsterdam Escorts.

Marijuana Use in Amsterdam

Getting high in Amsterdam is as easy as visiting one of the many coffee shops and cafes that make it available to their customers. While many enjoy smoking marijuana, there are plenty of places that serve snacks that use marijuana as a principle ingredient. These shops offer a selection of different kinds of marijuana for patrons to sample and the experience is made to be enjoyed in the company of friends. You may be interested in taking your Amsterdam escort on a "marijuana crawl" to more than one of the shops that serve it.

Coffee shops that follow these stipulations can legally sell pot, allowing you to get high before, during or after your session with an Amsterdam escort. Marijuana coffee shops are not allowed to sell alcohol, so it won't be possible to get high and drunk at the same time. The shops often serve food as well as non-alcoholic drinks like juice and soda. Using marijuana is done without fear of being arrested and is considered an enjoyable past time unlike other cities and countries where its use could land patrons in jail. There are a few rules to consider. For instance, anyone under the age of 18 cannot purchase marijuana. In addition, over-the-counter sale of the drug is limited to five grams or less and no marijuana may be taken out of the Netherlands.

Getting High May Lead to Better Sex

Although science is not sure exactly why, using marijuana before having sex can have an effect on the entire experience. While the exact effects of marijuana on sex are in dispute, it is thought that using marijuana gives the user a heightened sense of pleasure and a reduction in inhibitions that could work to diminish any negative feelings one may experience while having sex. Studies conducted on the subject have been inconclusive but those who do get high just before having sex insist that their senses are heightened - especially touch. Amsterdam Escorts are experts in elevating the pleasure of sex to the highest levels by manipulating all the senses. Most of our girls are experts in the art of touch and know how to stimulate a man in ways and areas that increase blood flow producing a rapid and unpredictable response. Getting high in advance of having sex is not a requirement but you can certainly choose to do so if that is your pleasure. In Amsterdam, sex and marijuana are socially accepted and many occur together.

Beautiful Girls are Waiting For You

With all the lovely ladies available for hire in Amsterdam, making just the right choice can present something of a challenge. Be sure to choose a girl who has the same sexual interest as you and one that has a similar personality. At Amsterdam Escorts, our years of experience screening and hiring beautiful girls is the primary reason why we can be sure you will have great sex. We get to know a girl's likes and dislikes in addition to their sexual specialties.

At the end of the night, you will end up having more and better sex than you ever could by finding a girl on your own. Of course, you could hire a girl in the Red Light District, but this is not without risk. The girls may not always be current in their licensing or healthcare requirements and virtually all of the girls are more interested in rifling through customers as fast as they can.

Smart travelers to Amsterdam use the services offered by a reputable escort bureau like Amsterdam Escorts. We can help you make a better choice in a shorter amount of time because we know our girls. You are better off leaving the guesswork at home and relying on an escort bureau to help you make the best of your time in Amsterdam.

Place your Trust in Amsterdam Escorts

The dream of getting high and having fantastic sex with one of the most beautiful and willing girls you have ever met is just one of the many reasons why Amsterdam is first on the list of tourist stops in Europe. Escort bureaus, like Amsterdam Escorts, are an important part of arranging your good time while visiting the city. While you can find a girl in the Red Light District for a few minutes of sex, if you expect more than that, you simply must secure the services provided by Amsterdam Escorts.

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