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Visiting Haarlem with an Escort

A visit to Amsterdam isn't complete without stopping at a local coffee shop for some legal marijuana and a night with an escort from Amsterdam Escorts. While neither of those experiences will ever get old, after a while, you might want to explore some of the Netherlands’ other gems. One of those gems is the city of Haarlem, which is about 20 kilometers west of Amsterdam. An escort from Amsterdam Escorts is the perfect tour guide if you want to spend some time in Haarlem.

Reasons to Visit Haarlem

While spending time in Amsterdam, you might wonder why you would ever want to go to another city. Between the legal sex, marijuana and spending time with the laid back people, Amsterdam is pretty close to perfect. But if you're looking for a time to relax and learn more about the Netherlands, a visit to Haarlem will do just that. The city can be reached by car or public transportation. If you are coming from Amsterdam, you can choose to either take a bus or a boat. Busses run from Amsterdam to Haarlem up to six times per hour. The public transportation system is fairly easy to navigate, but if you take an escort from Amsterdam Escorts with you as a sexy tour guide, she can handle all the directions for you.

Your Amsterdam Escorts tour guide can show you the museums of Haarlem or walk you around the town. You can even sample some of the famous locally brewed beer, Jopenbier. Your beautiful escort will show you all the sights and sounds of Haarlem in a fun, exciting and even erotic way. Think of it as the perfect date. You get to walk around town with a gorgeous woman who is sharing her knowledge with you. You can fully immerse yourself in the experience because there's no worry about whether or not you're saying the right things and no concerns about what will happen at the end of the date. You know your escort will be ready to rock your world in the bedroom after she's filed your head with knowledge.

Haarlem Festivals

Haarlem is often called Bloemenstad, or the flower city, because it was the historical center of the tulip bulb growing district. Today, the area still produces flowers, but they are no longer the city's main export. As a nod to Haarlem's history as a great producer of flowers, the city holds Bloemencorso, or flower parades, every April. Locals decorate floats with flowers and there are also a fair. In May, Haarlem hosts a music festival, Bevrijdingspop, to commemorate the Dutch liberation from Nazi Germany after World War II. The festival is always held on May 5, the actual date of the liberation in 1945, and takes place in the downtown area of Haarlem.

The city also hosts a music and theatre festival called Haarlem Jazzstad in the summer months. You can also take in a culinary event called Haarlemmerhoutfestival or have a laugh at the Haarlemse Stripdagen, which is a comedy festival, depending on when you visit.

With so many different events, Haarlem is used to visitors and has a variety of hotels if you want to spend the night. If your entire trip is spent in Haarlem, your chosen escort from Amsterdam Escorts can meet you in the area. Just because you aren't staying in Amsterdam, you don't have to deprive yourself of the wonders of an escort. Depending on when you book your night with Amsterdam Escorts, your chosen lady can arrive at your door in less than an hour.

Haarlem Highlights

Haarlem is home to a variety of museums, including the Teylers Museum, which is the oldest museum in the Netherlands. The Teylers is on the banks of the Spaarne River and focuses on art, science and natural history. Visitors to the Teyeler Museum are treated to a number of works by artists including Michelangelo and Rembrandt. Another great choice for people interested in art is the Frans Hals Musuem of Fine Arts. Frans Hals focuses on Dutch Masters and also has an exhibition hall that houses modern art. If one is interested in learning more about Haarlem history, the Archeologisch Museum Haarlem has artifacts from the city's history, dating back to the Middle Ages.

Haarlem is also home to several professional sports, including football. The Koninkliijke Football Club is the oldest in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1879 and was the first in the country. Haarlem also has a judo association and plays host to Haarlem Baseball Week and Haarlem Basketball Classic, two yearly events that draw people from around the Netherlands. Depending on when you visit, you and your escort can take in a sport played by more than two people.

Why Tour Haarlem With an Escort?

Because prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, we are able to hire only the most beautiful, most intelligent women at Amsterdam Escorts. Our escorts make the perfect tour guides and can turn a day exploring Haarlem into a fun, sexy experience. Your chosen escort is familiar with the area, can speak the language and can direct you to all the best spots. She'll even be happy to stop mid-way through the tour for an afternoon delight at your hotel. Try getting that from a boring, group tour guide.

Lots of people think that hiring an escort for an evening or even a whole day is out of their price range, but that is just not true. At Amsterdam Escorts, we offer all inclusive hourly rates as well as discounts when you book multiple hours. When you compare costs with a regular tour, you'll be surprised to find touring Haarlem with an escort isn't all that much more expensive, but it sure is a lot more fun!

Call Amsterdam Escorts today to set up your Haarlem touring experience with one of our beautiful escorts. She'll show you the sites of Haarlem and then help you explore the sites of her body, a bit more privately.

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