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The Ladies of Amsterdam Escorts

The ladies of Amsterdam Escorts are some of the best in the business. We have beautiful, intelligent, funny, talented ladies working for us and, the best part of it is that they want to meet you. And, when we say our women are the best in the business, we mean it. They are so skilled in the bedroom that you'll think you've been having sex wrong all these years. They know how to pleasure you in ways you’ve never even imagined.

Just What You are Looking For

We have ladies working for us in every age group. Because escort services are legal in Amsterdam, we have a variety of ladies that are different ages for you to choose from. Some of our ladies are barely legal while others are more mature and more experienced. Whatever you are looking for in terms of age, we can most likely find a lady for you.

Differing Backgrounds

Because ladies can legally work in Amsterdam as escorts, we have women from a variety of different backgrounds. At Amsterdam Escorts, our ladies come from all walks of life. We have busy professionals and students. We have ladies who stay-at-home during the day and others who work as escorts after finishing their other jobs. The one thing all our ladies have in common is their love of working as an escort. Our ladies choose this profession because they like meeting new people, they enjoy helping fantasies come true and they love sex. The ladies at Amsterdam Escorts are professionals and you will never be disappointed with their service.

Different Looks

Every one of our ladies is beautiful, but they are each gorgeous in a different way. We have dark skinned goddesses with dark hair and dark eyes. We also have girls with blonde hair, blue eyes and porcelain skin. Each one of our ladies possesses a unique look and, no matter what turns you on, you'll find something for you at Amsterdam Escorts. While our ladies run the gamut with looks, they also bring a variety of different assets. We have ladies with large breasts and ladies with small ones. Some of our babies have back, while others have smaller rear ends. There is something for everyone’s sexual appetite.

Other Skills

At Amsterdam Escorts, we have the most beautiful ladies working for us. But, that's not the only thing we offer you. Our ladies are wild, exciting in bed and skilled at pleasing you. Many of the ladies also bring some extra skills into your sexual encounter that can be sure to spice up your night. We have ladies who are experienced in domination and others who know their way around a pair of handcuffs. Other ladies are skilled at the striptease while still others are licensed massage therapists. While we can guarantee the sex will be great, the extras these ladies bring into the bedroom will make the night even more unbelievable.

Our ladies want to make your fantasies a reality. If you have a role playing fantasy or just want to lick chocolate syrup off a beautiful naked lady, our escorts can help. No matter what you have in mind, we can make it reality. A common fantasy for lots of people is a threesome. If you've always wanted to have sex with two women at once, Amsterdam Escorts can make that happen. Many of our ladies will work together to pleasure you. We also have ladies that are willing to work with a couple, so if your partner has always wanted to try a threesome, we can help. There are no limits in Amsterdam.

The Booking Process

Once you decide that you are going to partake in a night with the ladies from Amsterdam Escorts, the next step is to call us. Our booking agents are ready to help you set-up the perfect night with one of our beautiful ladies. You can either browse the website to pick a lady before you call or you can talk with our booking agents about what you want and be directed to the perfect escort for you. Be open with the booking agent about your hopes and desires for your night with our escort. By talking about what you want, we can ensure that you will have the best time with your lady. Our booking agents are professionals and offer no judgment.

During the initial phone call, you will also be have to choose the amount of time you want to spend with your lady or ladies. Our booking agents can suggest a time frame that will work with what you want. We also offer multiple hour discounts which our agents can help you take advantage of. Our ladies are not able to add time onto the date once they arrive at your location, so to keep yourself from being disappointed, book enough time when you are on the phone with the booking agent.

Other Amsterdam Highlights

While you are in Amsterdam, make sure you also take in a local coffee shop. Our ladies can give you some input on the best ones to visit, or you can stop by and pick up the house specialty to add to the fun of your date. In the Netherlands, marijuana can be legally sold and smoked. It is normally purchased in coffee houses, and can be smoked there or in your hotel room. If you are nervous about your first time with an escort, this is a perfect way to relax before your date begins.

The choice is yours, but by calling Amsterdam Escorts, you will be guaranteeing yourself a hot night with one of our beautiful ladies. Once you've experienced all they have to offer, you'll want to come back to Amsterdam again and again for a night with one of our skilled, exciting, gorgeous ladies.

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