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Picking Your Perfect Girl at Amsterdam Escorts

Have you ever dreamed of one perfect night with the girl of your dreams that takes care of all your sexual fantasies? Whether you've pictured a busty blonde who likes to be spanked or a petite red head dressed in a nurse’s outfit, we can help you at Amsterdam Escorts. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, so when planning your next trip to Amsterdam, a night with a fabulous girl is just part of the sightseeing. But, picking a girl from Amsterdam Escorts is going to be much more exciting and sensual than any other tour you've ever taken.

What We Offer

At Amsterdam Escorts, we offer full service escorts for a reasonable hourly rate. Our girls will come to you and can be there within an hour of you making your appointment, if you so desire. We do not have rooms for your use, so don't confuse our escorts with the cheaper, less desirable escorts working in the red light district. One you choose a girl, she will come to you and be ready and willing to make all of your dreams reality.

Once you have booked a girl, she will come to your door. There is no need for you to provide transportation or money for that. There are no hidden fees with Amsterdam Escorts. If a driver is used, that person will wait in the car or the lobby of your hotel. It is common for the escort to call our offices once she arrives so we know she is there and is safe. She will also likely call again once she is ready to leave. This is regular practice and should not intrude on your time with your perfect girl.

Picking Your Girl

We offer an easy to use website that will allow you to choose the girl of your dreams from your couch or hotel bed. There are updated, clear photos of each girl on our website along with brief biographies. The girls use the photos to highlight some of their better attributes and the bios give you some insight into the special skills our girls each have. You will also find measurements and information on eye color and hair color and specific items each girl is willing to do. By browsing the photos and bios, you can be confident that the girl will meet and exceed your wants and desires.

We have girls from around Europe. In addition to different home countries, they also have a variety of jobs and interests. Some of our girls are musicians, students, hair stylists, therapists and even masseuse. Because escorting is legal in Amsterdam, we are able to employ intelligent, beautiful girls with more to offer than just their skills in bed. But, trust us, those bedroom skills are some of the best in the country, and possibly the world. One girl is an expert in domination, while others are skilled at stripteases and threesomes.

In addition to the special skills and backgrounds each girl has, they are also some of the most beautiful in the world. We have brunettes, blonds and redheads. Our girls have blue eyes, brown eyes and just about another color. They also have all types of skin colors and many other popular assets. If you prefer women with large breasts, we have that. We also have girls with smaller cup sizes. For those that prefer bigger rear ends, we have escorts that will give anyone a run for their money. After spending time looking at our women, you will probably want to spend each night of your trip to Amsterdam with a different one -- which you can do!

More Than One Girl

Threesomes are a common sexual fantasy for both men and women. Whether you are in a committed relationship and have always thought about adding a third party or if you are flying solo and want two women, Amsterdam Escorts can help. We offer many girls who are willing to work with a couple or with another girl from our company to make your dreams come true. If you haven't ever experienced a night with two supple, beautiful bodies working in unison to pleasure you, you will want to do just that while you are in Amsterdam. The beauty of using a professional for this type of encounter is there's no awkwardness afterwards. You can simply focus on your own desire and pleasure and the rest will fall into place.

Exploring Amsterdam

Once you have chosen your perfect girl and have set up your mind blowing date, you may want to consider having her show you around town as well. Our website has information about popular restaurants, bars and clubs around Amsterdam. If you want to explore the area with an expert at having fun, consider having your girl show you around town. Our escorts can give you tours you won't find in the guide books. Our girls can keep these tours fun and exciting with a little peep show here or a quick touch there. Your perfect girl can also introduce you to another Amsterdam tradition: smoking marijuana. The drug is legal in the Netherlands and is even sold in coffee shops. Take your date to the next level by treating yourself to some legal relaxation before or after some mind-blowing sex.

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Now that you know all the benefits of picking your perfect girl through Amsterdam Escorts, what is stopping you from calling? The answer is absolutely nothing! Our escorts are professionals who will make sure you enjoy your time in Amsterdam. Look at our website, pick your perfect girl and call to make a date. The girl of all your fantasies is waiting!

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