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Exploring Aalsmeer With an Escort

Amsterdam is known as the sexiest city in the world. With legal prostitution and marijuana, a large Red Light District and a museum devoted to sex, Amsterdam is the original sin city. While there's not much you can't find within the city limits, if you're looking for something a bit slower paced and want to enjoy some of nature's beauty instead of some of Amsterdam Escorts best beauties, head over to Aalsmeer, a city eight miles southwest of Amsterdam. Not only is Aalsmeer surrounded by large amounts of water, it is also the flower capital of the world. An escort from Amsterdam Escorts is the perfect tour guide for a day trip to Aalsmeer.

Why Visit Aalsmeer

During a trip to Amsterdam, one might think there's no reason to ever leave the town. In fact, after you have explored the town's many wonderful offerings and spent some time with a beauty from Amsterdam Escorts, a day trip to Aalsmeer is just the ticket to make sure you fully experience the Netherlands. You can reach Aalsmeer either by car or using public transportation. There are several busses that run from Amsterdam to Aalsmeer and your escort can help you navigate the bussing system.

Aalsmeer is surrounded by water on three sides. The locals have used the natural resources of Aalsmeer to their advantage and grow a wide variety of flowers and other plants. In 1972, two rival flower companies combined to form the world's largest flower market, Verenigde Bloemenveillingen Aalsmeer, which translates to United Flower Auctions Aalsmeer. The town is also home to an experimental station for floriculture where scientists come up with new varieties of flowers.

There's more to Aalsmeer though than the natural beauty. Our escorts are not only beautiful, but also intelligent, so the woman you choose to show you around town can tell you how Aalsmeer played a large role in World War II.

After spending some time exploring Aalsmeer with your chosen lady from Amsterdam Escorts, hop on the bus or jump in your car and head back to Amsterdam for a night of wild and crazy sex. Maybe you picked up some inspiration for new ideas while taking in all the different types of flowers. Or the World War II history might have you ready for a fantasy role playing game of soldiers. Whatever your pleasure, your escort will meet your needs.

If you don't want to come back to Amsterdam for the night, Aalsmeer has a variety of hotels where you can spend the night or even a couple of days. If you are staying in Aalsmeer for your entire stay, don't worry that your location will rule out a night with one of our fabulous escorts. Amsterdam Escorts can send our lovely ladies to you in Aalsmeer and they can normally be there within an hour of you making the appointment, if you so desire.

Amsterdam Escorts

The lovely ladies of Amsterdam Escorts make not only fabulous sex partners, but are also great tour guides. Because prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, we hire the best and the brightest women. We know you don't want just a beautiful woman, you also want someone who can keep up her end of a conversation, discuss current events or just show you around the Netherlands.

After you've spent some time in Aalsmeer, your chosen escort can show you some of the best places in Amsterdam. If you want to visit the newest, hottest club, one of Amsterdam Escorts’ lovely ladies can show you around. Our escorts also know the best restaurants to visit and can even help you choose from local delicacies on the menu. If you want to get a little wild after a relaxing day in Aalsmeer, your beautiful tour guide can take you to De Wallen, Amsterdam's famous Red LIght District. There you will find sex shops, coffee houses selling marijuana legally, peep shows and even a sex museum. Think of how much fun it will be to explore the area with a beautiful tour guide. And, there's no first date awkwardness wondering if you're going to get laid at the end of the night. All you have to do is enjoy your day and look forward to things to come with your Amsterdam escort.

The Booking Process

Once you have decided you want to spend some time exploring Aalsmeer and Amsterdam with one of our lovely escorts, call the booking agents at Amsterdam Escorts to get the ball rolling. You can browse our website and look at pictures of each woman along with some biographical information. You can choose a woman based on the information on Amsterdam Escorts website, or you can ask our booking agent to help you. Let the agent you are speaking with know if you want the escort to meet you in Aalsmeer or another area outside of Amsterdam.

You might think having an escort act as your tour guide while you explore Aalsmeer might be too expensive, but it can be surprisingly affordable. At Amsterdam Escorts, we have an all-inclusive hourly rate, so you pay the same amount for whatever service you are contracting, whether it be a night out, a night of passionate sex or a mixture of both. We also offer discounts when you book for multiple hours. The cost of a full day and night with an escort will likely cost less than some of those boring, guided tours you can book. And, if you use an Amsterdam Escorts beauty as your guide, there will probably be some unexpected, sexy side benefits.

One of the beautiful women from Amsterdam Escorts would be the perfect companion for a day and night exploring Aaslmeer. Make the call today to set up your date. Aalsmeer may end up being one of your favorite cities in the world.

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