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The Joy of Using a Dutch Escort Service

When people head to new countries for either vacation or business, most hope they will get lucky and find someone willing to engage in a night of passionate sex. Sometimes you find that perfect partner, but other times, lots of nights in the hotel bar can yield nothing more than a high bar bill. When you come to Amsterdam, however, there is one way to ensure you have a night of mind-blowing sex; use a Dutch Escort service in Amsterdam. It is completely legal in Amsterdam, so by using an escort service, you will get a professional who is skilled in making your night one to remember.Gallery


Why Use a Dutch Service In Amsterdam

If you are visiting Amsterdam from another country or part of the world, you probably think an escort service is illegal and taboo. But, in the Netherlands, prostitution is legal and escort services are actually regulated businesses that pay taxes and operate within the legal confines of the law. The women who work for an escort service are using their skills to make a living in one of the most exciting professions around. When you call Amsterdam Escorts, you are not only working with the best escort service in the Netherlands, but you are also guaranteeing yourself a great night of passion.

The escorts who work for our service enjoy meeting new people, working in an exciting field and they love sex. All of our Amsterdam escorts are beautiful and they are all skilled in the bedroom. They come from a wide variety of countries and have many different talents. At our service, our escorts are also a variety of ages, ranging from barely legal to the older and more experienced. All of our escorts speak English, but if you are worried about a language barrier, our Dutch escorts know how to communicate without using words. Best of all, by choosing our Dutch service, you can be sure you are going to have an amazing experience without any awkward small talk or exchange of phone numbers, even if you don't intend to ever contact the person again. But, we are almost positive after using our escort service, you'll be calling us again and again.

Our Dutch Escorts

At Dutch Escorts, we work with only the best companions in the business. Browse our Amsterdam website and look at all the different beauties that can come to your hotel room. Our pictures are clear, updated and erotic. Our ladies want to show you their best assets and aren't shy about everyone seeing photos of them naked. In fact, most of the escorts at Amsterdam Escorts are excited knowing strangers are looking at them nude and fantasizing about them.

The pictures are just the beginning of the fun. You can also read about the Dutch escorts on our website. The brief biographies that are next to the photos give you some info about each lady and her special talents. Our Dutch escorts pride themselves on giving customers the best experience possible. Peruse the photos and pick the lady that is perfect for you. Reading the information about each woman will give you a better idea of who might be a perfect fit for your fantasy or it just might give you some extra ideas.

Our escorts come in every shape and size. If you like blondes with large breasts and shapely curves, we have the woman or you. If you prefer a smaller escort with dark hair and eyes, that's not a problem either. By choosing to work with our Dutch agency, you are guaranteeing your happiness in Amsterdam. Call today to begin one of the most passionate, sensual experiences of your life.

The Booking Process

Dutch Escorts has professional booking agents that can help you start the process. If you have a girl chosen, let the agent know or else you can tell the agent what you want and he or she will guide you to the perfect woman. Be open and honest with our booking agent about what you want in a woman. You cannot shock our booking agents and they will not judge you for any fantasy you want to explore. If you are not completely upfront about your wants or needs, we cannot help your fulfill them. Remember, Amsterdam is a very liberal city with an open attitude towards sex. You will not be judged, so by being open and honest, you will only be ensuring you have a wonderful time.

If you think our companions are out of your reach, financially, talk with our booking agents and you will most likely be surprised by how affordable our agency really is. We offer hourly rates as well as discounts for multiple hours or multiple women. The prices at our escort service are also all-inclusive, so you don't have to worry about extra fees or surprise charges. The price you are quoted by the booking agent is what you will pay when your escort arrives at your door.

Other Dutch Offerings

We want you to fully enjoy Amsterdam. On our website, you can find information about other things you might enjoy in this beautiful city. Our Amsterdam escorts are also willing to take you to the hottest clubs and restaurants for an insider’s view of the city's greatest offerings. If you want to indulge in one of Amsterdam's other legal vices, your chosen lady can introduce you to a local Dutch coffee shop where you can purchase and smoke marijuana. Smoking pot is completely legal in Amsterdam and it can enhance your time with our ladies. The Dutch girls who work for our Amsterdam agency will help you indulge in marijuana before, during or after a session of fabulous sex.

The Dutch Choice Is Yours

A Dutch agency offers you a great time with no obligations or worries about awkward phone calls the next morning. The choice to call is yours, but rest assured that if you call our agency, you will not regret it! Photos are representations only for you.

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